Do you feel tired or are you feeling stressed throughout the day?  Do you feel like you have no direction in life and you are not sure where to start?  Are your energy levels low?  Do you find yourself feeling more jagged more often?  Do you feel like you are not contributing to anything?  Are you lacking direction?  Does it feel like the world is working against you? Do you actually invest any time in YOU? If YOU do not feel your best then how do you expect to attract and pursue what makes you happy in life?  If you don’t feel like you have much energy then how do you expect to get the most out of your life? (energy in = energy out) Seems quite simple doesn’t it?  But the fact is that most of us don’t invest in ourselves, we are too busy trying to juggle our already busy lives to actually put the most important “thing” first – OURSELVES. Learn to live in the now, accept your past, appreciate your life with where you are at present and move forward into your future with inspiration and excitement! Through therapeutic self management techniques, such as Reiki, Personal Development, Soul Guidance and Soul Mentoring™,  Meditation, Movement, Organisational Skills and Stress Management, I tailor programs for each individual depending on where you are in your life and what you want out of it to get the best results for you. I have spent the last 15 years studying and working with the most experienced practitioners here in Australia and also abroad.  My expertise is in the mastery of Reiki, Holistic Counselling, Soul Guidance and Soul Mentoring™, Mind Body Connection and Sleeptalk for Children™  To make an appointment please call 0408 700 377 or feel free to contact me regarding any queries you may have or how my services can benefit you on