About Me

I have spent the past 15 years studying and working and have been blessed with opportunities to work with the most experienced practitioners here in Australia and also abroad.  Through my own life lessons (yes we all have them) I have learnt that life has up’s and it certainly has downs.  At times when the downs hit hard, it has been very beneficial for me to work through what I need to with a therapist of some kind.  The tools I have gathered along the way have helped me to pull myself up and out of whatever ‘funk’ I’ve been in, and I always come out a lot stronger, wiser and grateful for the experience.

I have various backgrounds, from working in the performing arts to corporate environments, so I understand the politics that exist in various industries and the challenges within certain industries.

I love to travel and to experience different cultures, especially the food! I have learnt so much about the mysteries of life through encounters with the amazing people I’ve met along the way.

I believe that we all have the power within to confront, work through and overcome our challenges.  This is my aim with you – to offer you the tools and help you to unlock your inner wisdom within, in order to be able to face your challenges.  My aim is that all my clients become more aware of who they are, why they make the choices they make and why they react to the situations they do.  We can all do better – no one is perfect.  That is, after all, what being human is all about, learning, acknowledging and respecting what we have learnt.

I can help connect you to yourself, so that you are happier, feel more energetic and are better able to deal with life’s challenges in a more grounded and direct manner.

I bring to the session not only techniques that I have learnt through various studies but also techniques learnt from my own life challenges and learning’s.  Life will always challenge us – but it is how we react to the situation that can be the road to the solution.