Finding a Reiki practitioner is like finding a good hairdresser, when you find a good one you never go anywhere else.  In the three years that I have been visiting Natalie she has helped me through the many pitfalls that day to day life brings to you.  Not only do I feel energised, revitalised, and balanced once I have seen her, I have also worked through some of the most difficult issues I have faced and been able to move on.  Natalie has been the best therapy I could ever pay for, and ignited a passion for Reiki as a practice too; so much so I have studied Level II Reiki myself.  Her personable service and ‘on the mark’ observations have kept me coming back for more.  I simply cannot express the gratitude I have for the support she has provided in my life.

Sam Spruce

I have been seeing Natalie Oakley for Reiki, Holistic Counselling and Psycho-Spiritual Healing sessions for over six years now. Her expertise has assisted me through many important phases in my life. The most crucial event was when I almost became a paraplegic in 2008. Natalie went above and beyond for me during the most difficult phase in my life and I don’t know if I could have moved forward and learnt as much during that experience and what followed if I didn’t know her. I can honestly say she has lead directly to some of the most significant personal growth and development that has occurred in my life. Recommending Natalie to anyone is something I have no hesitation in doing. She is a warm, caring and insightful practitioner who is always positive and professional. I can’t thank her enough for all she has done for me.

Lisa Borg

When Natalie treats me with Reiki I’m always tempted to turn around to see if she’s placing her hands on a heater in between laying her hands over me.  When she places her hands over any area I need a treatment focus for the heat is intense and the healing is real.  I have instigated major change in my life with Natalie’s assistance and compassion as a healer, and a person.  Natalie adds value to every session she shares with spiritual readings and a kindness and willingness to help people blossom and grow. Natalie Oakley is an angel amongst us with healing hands, an open heart and a pure soul.

Deana Simile
I Speak I Train I Write

NAT…..we had swimming at 4pm…..and…..NO TEARS!!!!!  He had a ball.  He was back to the old Jack I know and love and he kicked, and he swam and he jumped in off the side like mad!!!

Thanks heaps Nat…I LOVE THIS SLEEPTALK caper!!

Angela Oldham (Sleeptalk for Children™)

“I had to let you know, even though we’re not saying anything specific yet, it seems that just in the last few days J has been happy to do more things without me being right beside him,  Today at the park he rode off on his bike with his mate and played without me for ages!!

Angela Oldham (Sleeptalk for Children™)