Time to reboot!

It has been time for me to “reboot” my mind, body and soul.  After having the ‘I Quit Sugar’ books for around 2 years (they have been looking great in my bookshelf! :)), I decided to sign up to the … Continue reading

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December Vibes & Christmas/New Year Opening Hours…

Wow, here again…nearing the end of the year! Where the hell has it gone?! (as we all say at this time ha ha). I’ve been thinking about this statement, that I know I use at the end of each year, … Continue reading

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Trust, flow, action, surrender…

These have been my ‘themes’ this year and I must say, I had thought I had a good grasp living by these principals…you know, the how’s and why’s to them, bah ha ha ha ha….the past few months have really … Continue reading

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Practical tips for getting through winter…

It’s that time of year again, where you walk around the supermarket and there are people coughing and spluttering over everything or you go into work and everyone is sneezing over you but they say, ‘I’m fine’, whilst spreading their … Continue reading

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More and more I am treating kids in my practice who suffer from anxiety. The pain that these poor children feel breaks my heart. I’m always asked “why?” Why does their child suffer from anxiety? Unfortunately there is not always … Continue reading

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New Moon & New Practice Hours

Hello beautiful people It’s been awhile in between blogs and a lot has happened during that time! I’ve been away on a revitalising, insightful and very relaxing (and delicious) holiday in Bali where so many new and fresh ideas have … Continue reading

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Practical Virgo Full Moon

With the Virgo full moon upon us what area of your life is the moon shining a light on? Time to release AND forgive the past and move forward to where you are meant to be today. Ensure you are … Continue reading

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10 Steps to Practical Purification…

Honesty time…although I’ve always understood why some people go on the “purist path”, I’ve always thought “how bloody boring life must be for them”…yep, even though I do work in the Health and Wellbeing industry, I believe, life is fun … Continue reading

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The Magic of Aromatherapy…

Mind, body and spirit healing with essential oils. What is an essential oil? An essential oil is a concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing volatile aroma compounds from plants. Essential oils are derived from flowers, grasses, fruits, leaves, roots and trees. For … Continue reading

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Survival guide for going through a transformation…

Whoh what a week I had last week! Any one that saw me regularly had a different answer when they asked “how are you?”…and sometimes that’s just life! I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to learn more about myself … Continue reading

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