Sleeptalk for Children

The Goulding Sleeptalk for Children™ process is based on the use of positive suggestion, for parents to empower their child to achieve self-confidence and build emotional resilience.  The Goulding  Sleeptalk for Children™ process is a non invasive, safe and beneficial  process to help children be the happiest they can be.  It helps children to believe in themselves, for them to be confident in all aspects of their lives.  The Goulding Sleeptalk for Children™ can assist with children suffering from trauma, learning difficulties and also the many stages of growth i.e. bed wetting, starting school, eating issues etc.   The process takes parents/care givers only 2 minutes per night and is a safe, ethical and non-intrusive process.


Sleeptalk for Children appointments can be conducted via phone or Skype. With remote sessions, payment (paypal or direct deposit) must be made prior to your appointment. To book and pay for a session please contact me.

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