“You are more than you currently imagine yourself to be” Alana Fairchild

Soul Guidance and Soul Mentoring™ with Natalie Oakley – Crystal Angels 444 – Heart Awareness Workshop

We have all learnt in one way or another to close off our heart centre throughout life. Whether it’s from the little knocks in life to trauma, in some shape or form we have done this so we don’t have to face our wounds and in extreme cases, for survival in life. Whilst this may have been the most logical option to take, we can run but we can’t hide. I get it, sometimes sweeping, not only our hearts hurts, but also our desires, under the carpet is so much easier than to deal with what we must. If we don’t face our fears than we don’t have to action our hearts desires (bit of a double-edged sword hey? :)). To live fully in life, facing the hurts and listening to the fears is part of how we can grow to live a happy and vibrant life.

Heart Awareness is a gentle, yet powerfully deep connection technique that brings you to a place of not just being able to listen to what it may want, but it switches a light on that enables you to fully see what divine guidance is showing you and where to go.  After immersing myself in this practice I felt like my heart was jump started in the flow of life again.

The practice is an art form designed to guide, heal and shift imbalanced energy no longer required in one’s life. Its purpose is to bring about positive change that is healing and powerful, ensuring you feel at peace, grounded and ready to bring out the best possible you!

This unique and powerful energetic healing modality was channelled by Alana Fairchild and her Higher Spiritual Guidance, responsible for her best-selling oracle decks, books and meditation CDs. This guided practice workshop is based around the Crystal Mandala Oracle with the focus on the Angels.  Within the workshop you will be lead through grounding exercises and healing meditations all whilst being held in a protective space. These practices guide you into a deep inner healing to restore your soul and reconnect with your authentic self.

What you will gain from this workshop:

  • Time to connect and focus on you
  • Time to listen to your inner spirit
  • The ability to decipher what it is that your heart is trying to tell you
  • To have your body, mind and spirit in unison and present in the now
  • To help the healing process of past and present events in your life
  • An energetic cleansing
  • Meditation & relaxation techniques to use in your everyday life
  • Group healing session
  • A safe and secure space where you will be held, seen and accepted
  • Connection to the Angelic realm and working with a specific guide for the day

“Thanks Nat, for inviting me to the space where I could feel unconstrained sharing my inner feelings and thoughts.

Totally delightful feeling to be sharing with others while helping to overcome the feelings of hesitation and procrastination. Loved different meditations we did in one day!  :)) 


“Wonderful, beautiful, amazing, a rare gentle experience shared with like-minded women.  Extremely powerful (without realising what was happening).  Natalie delivered a structured, organised and soothing event that left me floating on a cloud.  Looking forward to the next of the series, can’t wait.  Life changing – very grateful that I had the opportunity to experience such a soothing, relaxing workshop.  Once this workshop ripples out further into the community, like minded people will be on the door step.  Natalie did wonderful work and is extremely gifted – very honoured to know her.  Her passion exudes through her whole being”

A very grateful Anne Yxx

Date – 18/2/18

Time 10am – 4pm

Venue Shambhala Centre, Suite 1, 14 Salmon St, Port Melbourne

Investment – $ 120

Early Bird – $100 if you book and pay by 31 January

Contact me via or 0408700377 to book your place and for payment options.


Cancellations are refundable up to 14 days before workshop. Within 14 days: a full refund will apply if there is someone to fill the vacancy or 50% refund if the vacancy cannot be filled.
Within 5 days of the no refunds. Sorry!


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